How to ship with us

Here's how to ship with us:

1. Register an Account

If you do not have an account with us, visit the registration page to create an account. It is free!

You can book shipments online, and bring your items to our nearest office. If you will be sending your items to us by postage, we will require a copy of your Government-issued photo ID (e.g. National ID, Travel Passport, Drivers License, etc.) to fully verify your identity.

2. Get your items to us

If you're ordering items online or sending them to us, you may address your items to our facility as follows--
<Your Name>
c/o Ship Afrika
800 New Brunswick Avenue, Unit 5
Rahway, NJ 07065

Upon shipping your items to us, go to the inventory section of your account, and add the domestic tracking number so that we can know to expect it. When we have received it, your item will be added/updated in your inventory with all relevant information. Please note that we will require you to send us purchase receipts of all online orders delivered to us for verification purposes. We require that all online deliveries be shipped by the purchaser. You may request purchasing assistance from our Sourcing Department by emailing

Alternatively, you may deliver your items to the address above.

3. Estimates and Bookings

You may use the Ship menu of our website to obtain an estimate for your shipments. You may begin this process from the Inventory section, by selecting an inventory item you wish to ship. Click here for instructions on how to obtain estimates and book to ship multiple items from your inventory.

To avoid any delays with the declaration of your shipments, scan and send the purchase receipts of the items to us at

All bookings will receive a tracking number, which will enable you to keep track of the movements of your shipment. An email alert will also be sent to you every time your shipment changes status. 

4. Pay for your shipment

We will send an invoice to your email after a booking (and once we have verified your identity and billing address, for first time shippers). The invoice will include payment terms, and methods of payment. Ship Afrika can receive payments via Pay Pal and Google Wallet, Direct Bank Transfer/Remittance, Personal or Business Checks/Ledgers, Money Order in the USA.

Invoices made at allowable countries are made at current currency exchange rates.

5. Receive your shipment

Upon arrival of your shipment and avilability, you will receive an email alert and a telephone call from our agents to pick-up your shipment.