Ghana Advance Shipment Information - ASHI
18 Feb, 2015 Service Advisory Regulatory Advisory Announcements Public Relations Industry News

Ghana Advance Shipment Information (ASHI) Announcement

As per new regulations implemented by the Ghana Shipper’s Authority, effective March 1, 2015 all cargo going to Ghana will require Advanced Shipment Information (ASHI). Each bill of lading will require a validated ASHI document issued at loadport and such ASHI document number must be added to bill of lading and manifest data. This number will be required on all shipping instructions and will be a mandatory document for the (transit) custom clearance at Ghanaian Ports.

This applies to all cargo types including rollable, container and static. No cargo will be loaded until an ASHI document number is provided. Any cargo not loaded because of missing ASHI document number will be subject to normal storage charges. As per requirements, this information needs to be processed by shipper at the origin port, Ship Afrika fee for processing it will be $135 per shipment.

Below are a list of documents required for obtaining ASHI certificate, these documents need to be provided to Ship Afrika within 4 business days prior to sailing.
- Copy of commercial invoice of the goods that are going to be shipped
- Packing list
In case if we do not receive these documents from you on time, cargo won't be allowed to be loaded on the vessel and all rollover and all other related charges will be under your responsibility.
Thank you for your understanding and support!

Update (Feb 27, 2015): ASHI implementation has been postponed until 2nd April.