Ghana Customs Services Import Prohibitions List
15 Oct, 2012 Regulatory Advisory

Ghana Customs

Free Import

1.  400 Cigarettes
2.  100 Cigars
3.  1 Pound of Tobacco
4.  Combination of above proportionate quantities
5.  1 Quart of Wine
6.  1 Quart of Spirits
7.  Half Pint of Perfume

1.  Illegal drugs
2.  Weapons, Explosives and Ammunition – unless permission has been obtained

3.  Knives and deadly weapons

4.  Counterfeit money

5.  Pornographic material

6.  Diseased animals and animal carcasses

7.  Plants and seeds – unless permission has been obtained

8.  Foreign soil

1.  Any cats, dogs or other animals being imported will require an Import permit from the Veterinary Head Office in Accra. Travellers will need to provide a veterinarian good health and rabies inoculation certificate alongside a copy of the import permit for the pet to be allowed entry into the country.

2.  Arms and ammunition legally entering the country will require a special permit from the ministry of the interior.

3.  Poultry products from certain countries will require permission from the Ministries of Trade and Agriculture.

4.  Live Plants and plant products will require a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture
Any rough or uncut diamonds will need a licence from the Ministry of Finance