How to ship with us


Register an Account

If you do not have an account with us, visit the registration page to create an account. It is free! You can book shipments online, and bring your items to our nearest office. If you will be sending your items to us by postage, we will require a copy of your Government-issued photo ID (e.g. National ID, Travel Passport, Drivers License, etc.) to fully verify your identity.


Get your items to us

You can get your items to us through any traditional means, such as delivering them in person or mailing them to us. All mailed in items must be addressed as following: ((Your Name)) c/o Ship Afrika 616 East Elizabeth Avenue Linden, NJ 07036 For RORO and FCL services, you may also use the same address format to send us the appropriate export documents.


Obtain Estimates and Bookings

Our portal allows you to obtain shipping estimates. You may also decide to commit to shipping the items once an estimate has been obtained. Once you have completed your booking, we will do the rest.


Pay for your shipment

We will send an invoice to your email after a booking (and once we have verified your identity and billing address, for first-time shippers). The invoice will include payment terms, and methods of payment. Ship Afrika can receive payments via PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer/Remittance, Personal or Business Checks/Ledgers, Money Order in the USA. Invoices made at allowable countries must be made at current currency exchange rates.


Receive your shipment

Once your shipment(s) reach the intended destination, our local representative will call the receiver on the shipment order to inform them. For shipments that require door deliver, the service would then be completed.